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Workshop “MAR2FARM” on Managed Aquifer Recharge - A workshop directed at end-users of the "Los Arenales" aquifer, Cuéllar (Segovia, Spain), 28 March 2017

We have the pleasure to release the program of the Workshop "MAR2FARM" on Managed Aquifer Recharge directed at end-users of the "Los Arenales" aquifer, Castilla y León, Spain. In this region is taking place the most extensive activity on MAR in Spain.

WORKSHOP "MAR2FARM", MARSOL Project, TRAGSA GROUP. 2017 March 28th, 09:30-14:10 h. Sala cultural "Alfonsa de la Torre", Pza. Mayor 1, Cuéllar (Segovia, Spain). Free entrance.

Focused at regional level, the workshop will expose most of the outcomes achieved from MARSOL project regarding MAR as a technique for rural development, MAR to combat aquifer “overexploitation” caused by irrigation as well as to combat climate change adverse impacts.

The workshop will be in Spanish and the presentations will be posted on the  and MAR to MAR-k€t websites in a few days.

More Info (in Spanish):

Updated 24.03.2017



Managed aquifer recharge in Italy after the issue of DM 100/2016 regulation - A workshop to devise the future of MAR in Italy, Lucca (Italy), 28 November 2016

The goal of the workshop (organized within the project EU-FP7 MARSOL and the Action Group 128 Tues Solutions of European Innovation Partnership on Water by Provincia di Lucca and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna) is to discuss, two years after the previous conference held in GEOFLUID - Piacenza, the state-of-art of the application of Managed Aquifer Recharge techniques in Italy in light of the recent Decree 100/2016 of the Ministry of Environment (Regulation containing criteria for granting authorization to recharge or to increasing artificially groundwater bodies). Based on the activities carried out as part of projects co-financed by the European Union (MARSOL, WADIS-MAR, AQUOR, WARBO, etc.) and pilot projects at national scale, technical and environmental and regulatory aspects and market potentialities of this technique will be discussed. During the day aspects related to natural water retention measures, passive treatment systems and methodologies for the design and management of such systems will be presented. A panel of experts will draft conclusions and implications of using MAR in Italy out of the two sessions after discussing speaker’s presentations.

Participation is free. The event will be held in Italian.

Updated 07.11.2016



Managed Aquifer Recharge and MARSOL at EU Meeting

Managed aquifer recharge options and the MARSOL project were presented at the CIS Working Group on Groundwater's 31st plenary meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 26. October 2016.

Updated 28.10.2016



ISMAR 9 - 9th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge: Presentations available

Most of the presentations and posters from the ISMAR 9 conference this year in Mexico are now available online for download:

The presentations offer a rich collection of recent and up-to-date research and practical experience on MAR.

Updated 12.09.2016



Explanation boards at demonstration sites

Example for the various dissemination and explanation activities at our demonstration sites: the third and last metal explanation board has been installed at the Arenales site in August 2016.

Metal poster Arenales

Updated 26.08.2016



Announcement: MARSOL Advanced Study Course for Young Scientists on "Managed Aquifer Recharge: Water Quality and Reactive Modeling"

BarcelonaThe MARSOL project is pleased to announce an international Advanced Study Course (ASC) on Managed Aquifer Recharge with a focus on specific water quality issues (such as organic micropollutants) and reactive modeling techniques, to take place in Barcelona, Spain, on 7.-9. November 2016. Lecturers will be experts from different project partners and members of the project's External Advisory Panel.

The ASC is intended for graduate and post-graduate students, PhD students, and postdocs in the fields of geoscien­ces, water research, environmental research, or related areas; it is also directed at professionals aiming at im­proving or broadening their qualification. A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the course. Participation in the course is free of charge. Details on the course can be found here:

Updated 11.08.2016



Project Consortium changes - welcome to new project partners

With acceptance of a Grant Amendment by the European Commission the MARSOL consortium announces the following consortium changes:

We welcome the new partners to the consortium and appreciate their valuable contributions!

Updated 04.08.2016



ISMAR10 will take place in Madrid in May 2019

The 9th edition of the ISMAR conference series (International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge) took place in Mexico City from 20. to 24. May 2016. ISMAR is the main event related to artificial recharge as a first raw technique on integrated water resources management (IWRM) at international level.

In this event have participated representatives of several EC projects with oral presentations, posters and even a first day workshop, such as MARSOL, FREEWAT, SUBSOL… and from the action Groups MAR to MAR-k€t and WIRE, all of them with lines of action related to Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR).

After consensus from the Steering committee, where up to four cities expressed their interest to host ISMAR 10, it was decided that the next edition will be held in Madrid in May 2019.

Up to 15 MAR-related projects supported by the European Commission, including the mentioned action groups, have also reinforced this idea and made a network to exchange information between coordinators, which is already working.

During the ISMAR 9 IAH (International Association of Hydrogeologists) plenary, the future organizers have displayed to the audience their willingness and the work already done, proposing a set of slogans and logos to choose one collectively.

A new email address is already operative to receive as many comments and ideas for the preparation of ISMAR10:

ISMAR 9 organizers newsletter:

More info and ISMAR 10 presentation:!!.aspx

ISMAR 10 advert

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MARSOL Newsletter Issue N° 5 available

RECHARGE - The MARSOL Newsletter Issue 5: Selected MAR Demonstration Sites - Selected MARSOL Deliverables - Reports from the Workshops in Malta, Lavrion, and Venice - Upcoming events

Updated 29.06.2016



MARSOL contributions at the International Symposium on Climate Change and Sustainable Groundwater Resources, Seoul, South Korea

With two presentations, MARSOL partners contributed to the International Symposium on Climate Change and Sustainable Groundwater Resources in Seoul, South Korea, on 12.-14. April 2016.

The objective of the symposium was to discuss recent scientific advances to face adverse impacts of climate change on groundwater management. With up to three parallel sessions and 85 presentations, plus a poster exhibition with 40 units, the organizers (KoSSGE and Kigam) prepared an additional panel of experts from seven countries. The invited speakers included representatives from Canada, Korea, Japan, Thailand, The Netherlands, Malta, and Spain. The presentations from MARSOL partners were:

  • "Alternative Techniques of Water Resources Management to Overthrow Some Adverse Impacts of Climate Change", by Dr. Enrique Fernández Escalante (Tragsa)
  • "Regulation of MAR Schemes Under the EU's Water Framework and Groundwater Directives", by Manuel Sapiano (SEWCU)

Updated 06.05.2016



MARSOL Videos online

Please visit MARSOL's Vimeo video channel:

MARSOL on Vimeo

Updated 15.01.2016



IGRAC, INOWAS, DEMEAU and IAH launch global MAR portal

A GIS-based reference portal on MAR sites has been opened by IGRAC (International Groundwater Resource Assessment Centre). This MAR portal enables users to search and freely access valuable information on MAR sites globally.

The MAR Portal

Updated 06.12.2015



Presentation of MARSOL and the MAR to MAR-K€t Action Group at a conference in Brazil

João-Paulo Lobo-Ferreira from MARSOL partner LNEC will present the MARSOL project at the XXI Brazilian Symposium on Water Resources in Brasilia, November 2015.

Updated 05.11.2015



MARSOL Newsletter Issue N° 4 available

RECHARGE - The MARSOL Newsletter Issue 4: 19 Months of MARSOL - Highlights - Mid-term meeting - Workshop on Water Quality Aspects, Faro, Portugal - Upcoming events

Updated 17.10.2015



Second round of site investigation started at the Sant’Alessio MARSOL test site (Lucca)

Another site investigation campaign started at the Sant’Alessio MARSOL test site (Lucca) in early September. MARSOL partners UFZ, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Provincia di Lucca are perfoming a tracer test injecting warm water (up about 45 °C) and will test Serchio riverbed hydraulic conductivities in the next days.

To this purpose an experimental site has been set up on a large dry area of the Serchio riverbed. The objective is to derive insights on travel time in the aquifer and data on riverbed  hydrodynamics and hydrodispersion parameters in the aquifer.


Lucca field investigation Lucca field investigation
Sant’Alessio demonstration site - field work in September 2015

Updated 23.09.2015



Presentation of MARSOL and the MAR to MAR-K€t Action Group at a conference in Peru

At August 21st Enrique Fernadez Escalante from MARSOL partner Tragsa had the chance of introducing the MARSOL project during a technical conference held at ANA (National Water Authority) in Lima (Peru). Some aspects regarding MAR were presented - focusing on the Spanish experience - as well as the pioneer systems for MAR used in Peru (amunas) and their analogies with Spanish systems. Presentation Peru small

Técnicas de Recarga Gestionada (artificial) de Acuíferos: Experiencias en España y soluciones tecnológicas aprendidas

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MARSOL Workshop "Water Quality Aspects of Managed Aquifer Recharge" in Faro, Algarve, Portugal, 24. - 26. June 2015

Algarve WorkshopThe MARSOL Workshop on "Water Quality Aspects of Managed Aquifer Recharge" was held at MARSOL's demonstration site in the Algarve region in June 2015.

The overall objective of the Workshop was to collect research results, practical experience, and innovative ideas related to water quality issues in MAR activities, and through this to contribute to the training of project participants' staff and researchers as well as other stakeholders in the water sector such as industry/SMEs, authorities, and end users. The workshop topic of "Water Quality" addressed changes and associated risks in the chemical status and hydraulic properties of water bodies due to infiltration of various water sources in MAR installations.

Further information can be accessed here.

Updated 30.07.2015



Mid-term Meeting Lisbon 2015 Group 2MARSOL Mid-term Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, 22. - 24. June 2015

The formal MARSOL mid-term meeting was held at LNEC in Lisbon, Portugal, in June 2015. The meeting was followed by a field trip to the project's demonstration sites in South Portugal. Further information can be accessed here.

Updated 30.07.2015



MARSOL presented at the XXXIII Congreso Nacional de Riegos (Spanish National Irrigation Conference)

Participation of MARSOL - represented by Partner Tragsa - in the XXXIII Congreso Nacional de Riegos (Spanish National Irrigation Conference), Valencia, 16. June 2015. An article has been accepted and included in the proceedings book, and an oral presentation was given titled "Recarga Gestionada de Acuíferos: Multifuncionalidad en la Zona Regable de Santiuste".

Conference Program

Updated 02.07.2015



Third MARSOL Newsletter available

RECHARGE - The MARSOL Newsletter Issue 3: Highlights - Workshops 2 and 3 in Arenales and Pisa - Upcoming events

Updated 16.06.2015



MARSOL presented at the Aquae Venezia 2015, in the frame of the EXPO MILAN 2015

MAR solutions and the MARSOL project have been presented on May 8th at the the conference "A Second Life Water for Food Wealth - Water to Feed the Planet" at the Aquae Venezia 2015, a collateral event of the EXPO MILAN 2015.

Conference Program

Article: Expo: a Venezia si presenta Marsol, soluzioni per ricarica gestita falda acquifera

Updated 09.05.2015



MARSOL Training Workshop "Modeling" in Pisa, Italy, 21. - 23. April 2015

The main goal of this workshop was to showcase the use of modelling tools to manage water resources. Aside from presentations on recent research advancements, the focus was on real case applications of modelling tools used to plan and manage the use of water resources, especially groundwater. Particular attention was given to demonstrate the use of these tools in Managed Aquifer Recharge issues.

Further information are can be found here.

Updated 09.05.2015



Spanish MARSOL demonstration site presented at Conference on the Exploitation of Aquifers in Spain

The "Conference on the intensive exploitation of aquifers in Spain: challenges and technological solutions for efficient management" was held on 21. April 2015 in Madrid, organized by the Company AQUALOGY. 150 attendees and 20 water innovation experts from research institutions, companies, public administration and basin authorities attended this event. Tragsa Group members involved in the MARSOL project were invited to participate in the meeting on "Available Solutions and technologies for efficient groundwater resources management in case of intensive reserve consuming use". The MAR works in Santiuste were introduced as a real example of technological solution in Spain from R+D to current irrigation and extensive environmental and social purposes.

Conference on the intensive exploitation of aquifers in Spain: challenges and technological solutions for efficient management

Updated 10.05.2015



MARSOL Training Workshop "MARenales" - Technical Solutions for Managed Aquifer Recharge

Gomezserracín workshop (Segovia). 2015 March 11th, morning time, free entrance. More details see the Events page.


Updated 25.02.2015



First two MARSOL Newsletters published

RECHARGE - The MARSOL Newsletter Issue 1: The MARSOL Project - MAR to MARket EIP-AG - Kick-Off Meeting

RECHARGE - The MARSOL Newsletter Issue 2: 2014 Highlights - Workshop 1 'MAR-SAT Expert Forum', Tel Aviv, Israel - Upcoming Events

Updated 02.06.2015



Field test at the MARSOL site "S. Alessio" near Lucca, Italy

On Jan. 27, 2015, an inspection was conducted on the MARSOL demonstration site "S. Alessio" near Lucca, to test and validate the wireless communication infrastructure that will be used to acquire and transmit environmental data (temperature, electrical conductivity and head). To perform the communication tests, radio-modem modules were used and tested successfully. The survey ended with a meeting held at GEAL spa (the water utility currently managing the induced riverbank filtration plant) premises, where recent advances of the research were shown.

S. Alessio test site S. Alessio field test
Serchio River at the test site Field test with portable modem/antenna

Updated 12.02.2015



Israel: Infiltration of surplus desalinated water

In January 2015, surplus desalinated water is infiltrated to the groundwater at the Menashe basin near the city of Hadera, Israel, at a rate of around 5000 m3/hr.

Menashe infiltration basin January 2015
(Photo: Y. Katz, Mekorot)

Updated 14.01.2015



MARSOL Project Meeting and Workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel

A MARSOL core group meeting was held on November 30th to December 2nd in Tel Aviv, Israel. The meeting involved presentations on the progress of the various work packages, a Steering Group meeting, and a visit of the Menashe demonstration site near the city of Hadera. The MARSOL project meeting was followed by a two-days joint workshop of the MARSOL and DEMOWARE EU projects featuring a MAR-SAT Expert Forum Workshop at the ISERD headquarter (December 3rd to 4th). More details on the Events page.

Updated 06.02.2015



MARSOL and MAR to MARK€T AG presented at the Spanish National Environment Conference (CONAMA 2014)

The Spanish National Environment Conference (Congreso Nacional de Medio Ambiente, CONAMA 2014), being perhaps the most important conference hold on Spain on this matter, was held im Madrid from 24. to 27. November 2014. MARSOL and the MAR to MARK€T Action Group were presented by Dr. Enrique Fernández Escalante of Tragsa in a technical session titled "Innovative solutions to palliate the climate change effects across water management techniques". The presentation given was titled "How to combat some climate change adverse impacts by means of water management alternative techniques?" and addressed practical recommendations and construction descriptions on water management enabled to palliate climate change adverse impacts.

Updated 06.01.2015



EIP Water Conference 2014 in Barcelona

Several MARSOL partners (from TUDa, LNEC, Tragsa, UPC, SGI, AAWA, and Paragon) attended the EIP Water Conference 2014 in Barcelona and participated in special Action Groups 'back-to-back' meetings.

In an open workshop of Action Group AG128 MAR Solutions - Managed Aquifer Recharge Strategies and Actions the status of the MARSOL project was presented alongside presentations from other project groups.


Barcelona AG Meeting Barcelona MARSOL stand
Action Group Meeting, Barcelona, 3.11.2014 AG128 & MARSOL stand in the conference center, Barcelona, 4.11.2014

Updated 23.11.2014



Managed Aquifer Recharge in the Arenales Areas - MAR4FARM Workshop, October 2014, Segovia, Spain

MAR4FARMSince 2002, when MAR activities began in this sector of the Arenales aquifer, considered a building work for the general interest of the nation, recharge activities have been accomplished by means of the irrigation community, counting on the support, when required, from those technicians involved in the studies and building works.

After a decade, many groundwater users and farmers ignore a great part of this activity. Within the R&D MARSOL project context, and with the help provided by Santiuste and Carracillo irrigation communities, two consecutive workshops, called MAR4FARM, have been organized by Tragsa, exposing these experiences in the main Arenales aquifer MAR areas, exposing a SAT-MAR experience too.

Santiuste de San Juan Bautista (Segovia) Workshop, October 29th, 2014 (English)

Taller en Santiuste de San Juan Bautista (Segovia). 29 de Octubre de 2014 (Spanish)

Gomezserracín workshop (Segovia), October 30th, 2014 (English)

Taller en Gomezserracín (Segovia). 30 de Octubre de 2014 (Spanish)

Information on the workshop in both Spanish and English can be found here, including all presentations for download.

Updated 23.11.2014



WARBO Summer School, October 2014, Lisbon

In October 2014, TARH organized a Summer School about MAR dedicated to Masters and PhD students, under the frame of the WARBO Project. Several MARSOL partners were invited to give presentations (LNEC, UAlg, TARH, Tragsa). A poster about the MARSOL project was displayed.

Program of the summer school

The WARBO Life project (WATER RE-BORN - Artificial Recharge: Innovative Technologies for the Sustainable Management of Water Resources)


WARBO Summer School 2014 1 WARBO Summer School 2014 2

 Updated 23.11.2014



Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) in Italy: experiences within EU co-funded projects @ GEOFLUID - Piacenza (Italy) - October the 3rd, 2014

On October the 3rd 2014, a one-day Workshop on Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) experiences in Italy took place at the GEOFLUID fair in Piacenza. It was organized by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa) within the framework of the EIP AG 128 -MAR Solutions - Managed Aquifer Recharge Strategies and Actions and the EU FPVII project MARSOL (Demonstrating Managed Aquifer Recharge as a Solution to Water Scarcity and Drought).

Read more about the Piacenza workshop here.

Updated 25.01.2015



MARSOL participation in DEMEAU project utility event in Barcelona

October 2nd, 2014, a DEMEAU project utility event took place in Barcelona to discuss the topic of 'Managed Aquifer Recharge to Encounter Emerging Pollutants'. It combined the presentation of research and implementation of Managed Aquifer Recharge in an interactive workshop held by DEMEAU's Work Area 5 on Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Costing.

After two sessions on applications and advances, followed by an open debate on identification of barriers and drivers for MAR implementation, there was a guided tour visiting the waste water reclamation plant in El Prat del Llobregat near Barcelona.

The MARSOL project was presented in this event, as well as the MAR-SOLutions AG. A total of nine oral presentations and seven posters can be downloaded freely at

Updated 23.11.2014



MARSOL at the Spanish Water Technology Platform (PTEA)

MARSOL and the recently approved Action Group MAR to MARket were presented at the PTEA Workshop "Agua e I+D+i" in Madrid (Spain) on April 2nd, 2014. The workshop was attended by over 120 participants from more than 80 industries, universities and research centers, with a remarkable institutional presence. Its main target was to encourage the participation of Spanish companies in the water sector for research and innovative projects at national and international level. It is worth mentioning the high presence of potential receivers of the technology and outcomes to be developed along the MARSOL project.

Presentación del proyecto MARSOL y del Action Group “MAR to MAR-ket” en la jornada “Agua e I+D+i” de la Plataforma Tecnológica Española del Agua

Updated 14.04.2014



New MAR Solutions to Mar-ket Action Group

New EIP Water Action Group: MAR Solutions to Mar-ket - Managed Aquifer Recharge Strategies and Actions (AG128), coordinated by MARSOL partner LNEC / Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, Portugal. The innovative technical aspects of the planned activities include the development of novel MAR systems, or modification of existing ones, with sound technologies that can overcome the main drawbacks. The MAR Solutions to Mar-ket Action Group will have 8 demonstration sites to show the suitability of managed aquifer recharge techniques, involving nine different industrial branches.

Website: MAR Solutions - Managed Aquifer Recharge Strategies and Actions (AG128)

Further information from EIP Water on the new Action Groups: EIP Water keeps growing and welcomes 16 new Action Groups

Updated 11.04.2014



MARSOL kick-off meeting

The MARSOL kick-off meeting was held in January 16th to 17th 2014 at TU Darmstadt, Germany, to launch the project. 48 participants from the project's partner institutions took part in the discussions.


MARSOL Kick-off Meeting  MARSOL Group Kick-off Meeting

 Updated 16.03.2014



MARSOL Project started

As one of eleven demonstration projects to address water technology innovation, MARSOL is being funded for three years by the European Commission with in the frame of the Environment 2013-Water Inno&Demo Call. Project start has been December 1st, 2013.

Water innovation in action: €50 million for new research projects - press release of the European Commission, 21.01.2014

Against thirst and drought in the Mediterranean region - press release of TU Darmstadt, 07.02.2014 (English version)

Gegen Durst und Dürre - press release of TU Darmstadt, 04.02.2014 (German version)

Updated 16.03.2014





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